Definition of kaleidoscopic

Common misspellings:
  • kaledescope (0.0%)
  • kaleidiscopic (50.0%)
  • kaleidescopic (50.0%)
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Examples of usage:
  1. Low easy chairs and a lounge small fanciful tables a dainty desk gayly colored baskets of worsteds or mysterious kaleidoscopic fragments and vases of flowers pervaded the apartment with a mingled sense of grace and comfort - Susy, A Story of the Plains by Bret Harte

  2. With every change in the angle of vision as we journeyed on there occurred a corresponding change in the scene before us that produced a charming kaleidoscopic effect - Arizona Sketches by Joseph A. Munk

  3. Thus the dead man moved an heroic figure through all the kaleidoscopic happenings - The League of the Leopard by Harold Bindloss